sauer danfoss logo

Applications based on Microsoft Silverlight, developed for Sauer Danfoss company, allows to increase productivity and gives the crucial information about the production line process management. This advanced, dispersed solutions were designed and implemented in the company's factory in Lower Silesia, Poland.

aviva logo

Country wide insurance company offering its products for the whole society. Due to a huge venture, like providing insurance offers for the wide group of customers, an application to make that task easier was developed in cooperation with Evelo. The final result, sales process support system is used by the company agents. It allowed to effectively increase sales capabilities and additionally provided a great tool to monitor and evaluate agent's work efficiency.

biteo logo

Polish start-up created in participation of Polish and EU funds. Effective design as well as a large part of product implementation (currently available under biteo.pl) was created in a cooperation with Evelo and Creocity company.